The following rules are based on those of the ITF and are designed to maintain discipline as well as to ensure that students are able to train in a safe environment:


Before entering the hall...
  Students should line up outside the hall.  If there are students in the hall from an earlier class, they should be able to exit the hall safely before anybody else goes in.  Students should not enter the hall until the instructor gives permission to do so.
  Students only have access to the training hall, reception area and toilet facilities.
  Students should keep the noise level down while waiting to enter the hall. 
When entering the hall...
    Students should always bow and say the word "taekwon" as they enter the training area.
    Shoes and bags should be placed at the designated area, ensuring that they do not block any fire exits and/or cause anyone to trip over them.
    Students should warm up and stretch quietly while waiting for the class to start.
    If a 1st Degree Black Belt or above enters the hall before the class starts, all colour belts must face the student and bow to him/her.
During a class..
    Students must follow the instructor's directions at all times.
    The instructor / assistant instructor should be referred as Sir, Mr, Miss, or Mrs
    Students must wear the correct uniforms depending on the programs they attend: ITF / ABC Taekwondo uniform, TKD Kickboxing uniform or ABC Little Dragons uniform, including the appropriate belt.
    Students should pay attention to the instructor / s at all times.
    Any student wishing to speak out in class must first raise their hand and seek permission from the instructor.
    In the event of an accident / incident during training, the instructor will contact the member's emergency contact number, in order to notify the next of kin.
    Members should not touch any piece of equipment, unless asked to do so by the instructor.
    Students should be courteous to each other.
After a class...
    Students should bow to the instructor.
    Students should take all their equipment with them.
    Students should bow and say the word "taekwon" as they leave the hall. 
    Junior members must not leave the premises unless they are accompanied by a parent/guardian.


    All members must have a valid licence / membership. 
    If students are required to return paperwork or pay any fees, they must do so by the designated date.
    New equipment must be paid for upon ordering it.  No equipment will be released unless it has been paid for. 


  •  Any damages to property or equipment caused by inappropriate, reckless or irresponsible behaviour, must be paid for in full by the student (parent in case of junior members). 
  •  Any student or parent who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will be asked to leave the premises immediately. 
  • Any student or parent who acts in a violent, aggressive or hostile manner will be asked to leave the premises immediately.


99% of the time, 99% of ABC parents are extremely supportive and work with ABC Instructors in order to resolve any problems / concerns which may arise during the course of their children's training. It is very important for parents to understand that our priority is to ensure that their children receive the best possible tuition, so they develop into skilled martial artists.  Any parent who does not trust our judgement or ability to do this, should not enrol their children with us.  

  • Inappropriate conduct towards any ABC member and/or ABC Instructor, from parents or guardians of junior members, will not be tolerated.  Should a parent / guardian's conduct be considered (by the Senior Instructor) in any way to be hostile, disrespectful, aggressive or inappropriate steps 1,2 & 4 of the disciplinary procedure will also apply to the parent / guardian in question.   



Aberdeenshire Blackbelt Clubs have a grievances procedure which should be followed in the event that a student or parent is unhappy with the service they have received.  The first step in this procedure is to contact the school's senior instructor in writing:
Mr Jamie Campins 6th Degree
ABC Senior Instructor
28 Balmoral Avenue,
Ellon, Aberdeenshire
AB41 9EW 
Verbal complaints will not be acknowledged.  

Step 1 - verbal warning
Step 2 - written warning & temporary suspension
Step 3 - demotion
Step 4 - permanent exclusion

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